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Join the other 57 Kiwi franchisee business owners at Just Cabins.

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We have franchise areas available for purchase now!

Why Just Cabins?

If you are looking for a business opportunity with low risk, is semi passive, is proven to be recession proof and has high profit margins then this is your chance.

When you join Just Cabins, you’ll enjoy a great lifestyle and become part of a high-demand business. The demand for portable cabins is surging due to the housing crisis, more people working from home, and the need for additional office space. Territories are currently available due to franchisees retiring or selling a part of their larger territories in order to meet growth demands in their local areas, creating opportunities for newcomers to thrive and replicate their success.

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Key Benefits.


High Profits

Opportunities to achieve an income of $100,000+ per annum with just 25 cabins rented.


Flexible Hours

Be your own boss and work the hours you choose, enjoy regular cash flow, even while you are on holiday.

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Extensive Training & Support

Receive ongoing support from an experienced small business franchise operator.

A franchise for everyone.

Joining our franchise isn’t just a smart move; it’s diving into a community where collaboration rules. Our franchisees bring diverse smarts from various careers, not just expertise in our model. You’re not just backing a proven business model as a new franchisee; you’re tapping into a network of savvy minds.

Sharing knowledge isn’t just encouraged—it’s our culture. Direct access to industry pros and innovators gives you insights from the real-world trenches of business. The mix of franchisees, from tech whizzes to corporate heads, ensures a solid approach to problem-solving. Benefit from shared wisdom, sidestep slip-ups, and fast-track your success.

In our franchise, you’re not just getting a business; you’re part of a legacy of excellence, freely shared in a community of go-getters. Welcome to a place where your success gets a boost from those beside you. Get ready for the power of collective smarts.

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The best thing I’ve done in my working life…It has not only been an enjoyable business to be involved with, it also has been profitable and an excellent working environment.

- Alex Maurenbrecher, North Canterbury
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