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The ROI (after deducting GST, royalties, insurance, marketing etc) are typically in the range of 18% and 22%, depending on the cabin size and customers. Initial investments (legal, equipment, goodwill etc) will result in a lower ROI in year one. As more cabins are added to the fleet over time, the average ROI for the business increases.

Potential investors are not required to have prior business experience or specialised knowledge. Our existing successful franchise owners come from diverse backgrounds including, but not limited to, police officers, sports professionals, teachers, and accountants. At Just Cabins franchisees receive comprehensive initial and ongoing training in running every aspect of the business.

This greatly depends on the size of the cabin fleet and the length of the rentals. With long than average cabin rental terms, once a cabin is rented out, it often remains with the same customer for several years. The longer the cabins stay out the less time required. The main activities of running a Just Cabins franchise include;

  • Handling customer enquiries
  • Arranging delivery and pick-ups
  • Checking payments are received from customers
  • Cabin cleaning & maintenance

Franchisees come from all walks of life and many franchisees operate a Just Cabins franchise as a part time business alongside their day jobs or other businesses that they own. Other franchisees with larger fleets operate their franchise on more of a full time basis generating very large incomes in the process

Franchisees do need some form of storage location (some franchisees share facilities) to maintain the cabins when they are off-rent. An important part of protecting the value of your investment is ensuring that cabins are kept well maintained and that they are well presented each time that they go out to a new customer.

In order to meet customer requirements in their area, franchisees order additional cabins from one of our two factories which are constantly building them to keep up with demand. Due to the scalability and flexibility of the business model, franchisees can grow the business one cabin at a time (or more) as required.

No experience with buildings or properties is required. All franchisees bring a range of experiences with them that they can make use of at Just Cabins. The franchisor provides comprehensive training, business systems, and check-sheets that guide franchisees regarding every aspect of the business from cabin maintenance to collecting rents and everything in between.

Many franchisees run the business completely themselves and others make use of contractors to perform tasks that they do not wish to do or are unable to do due to other commitments.

A suitable towing vehicle is necessary, and the franchisor has a comprehensive list of approved vehicles that include a good NCAP safety rating, a gross vehicle mass exceeding two tons and are 4WD.

While it is technically possible to own more than one area, this might not be the most advantageous strategy for maximizing returns on investments (ROI). Franchisees are often better off investing in additional cabins within a single franchise area as the best way to increase ROI. This approach helps avoid unnecessary one off investments (legal, goodwill etc) that would reduce ROI if a second area was purchased. Franchisees need a proven track record and adequate resources to successfully grow and market two separate areas to be considered for this option.

The franchisor has established an insurance scheme on behalf of all franchisees and negotiates with insurance companies annually to ensure favourable terms for the entire NZ cabin fleet.

As such all cabins are insured regardless of whether they are rented out or not anywhere in NZ. Additionally, the franchisor assists with the claims handling process to ensure great outcomes for franchisees as required.

Franchises range in price based on the number of cabins in a fleet with smaller fleets typically around the $400k - $500k mark and larger fleets extending in to the millions of dollars. Many of our larger fleet franchisees started off with a modest number of cabins and have steadily grown their fleet to now be well over 100 cabins. There are a range of avenues open to franchisees to grow their cabin fleet including;

  • Utilising cashflow from rentals to purchase additional cabins
  • Accessing bank funding secured against your Just Cabins business
  • Utilising our inhouse finance facility

Some franchisees have even invited friends and family to be a part of their cabin business or brought in business partners excited about the opportunities that a Just Cabins Franchise presents.

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